Welcome to EnVision! Hope Among COVID-19

Welcome to EnVision!

I am so excited to begin this journey with you. This life is a wonderful one. Full of love, excitement, joy, trials, suffering, pain, and fear. One moment we are on top of the world, and the next moment, it seems like everything may be crashing down around us. Maybe that’s how you feel right now in the midst of COVID-19. It’s a scary and uncertain time. But I want to offer you Hope. I will stand by your side through the pain and struggles as we journey towards healing.

You see, just recently, I felt on top of the world. I had surmounted much. After working for several physical therapy companies that were less than ideal, I began to dream of the elusive perfect job.

I began to EnVision a physical therapy company that existed for its patients (not for their insurance company.) I began to EnVision a company that wanted to get its patients better as quickly as possible (not drag out visits for more revenue.) I began to EnVision a company where I spent more time with the person in front of me (and less time typing superfluous notes).

In December, I decided to not just dream, but to pursue this vision. To make it real.

It took much courage and support. It involved (and still involves) many hours of hidden work. Work that is unpaid and unseen by others. Work that I think will only take a quick thirty minutes, but actually results in five hours of banging my head against the wall.

On March 1st, I officially left my position at my previous company and went full-time with my own company: EnVision Physical Therapy and Pilates LLC. The first two and a half weeks were blissful.

I was providing individualized and holistic care to patients to improve their health and wellness. I was loving life, the people I treated, and my new company!

And then, it happened. COVID-19.

Need I say more?

Fear set in. Businesses closed. Shelter in place was enacted. People stopped leaving home.

Right as I was finally beginning to see my dream become a reality, I felt like it was ripped away from me. I wanted to despair about the unfortunate timing of starting a new small business, but instead,

I have Hope.

This too shall pass.

COVID-19 pandemic will end.

We will be together again.

We will be running 5Ks and Marathons together.

We will be surfing and paddling in the ocean.

We will be walking on the beach and biking on the boardwalks.

We will be attending our children’s dance recitals and soccer games.

We will be enjoying the beautiful outdoors together.

This may be a set back, but this will not be the end. As part of the Healthcare sector, I am continuing to treat patients in my new clinic, but also supporting my wellness clients through online platforms.

Even during the downtime, we can continue to improve our Strength, Health, and Healing.

Let us not despair, but rememberEvery moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.~ Joseph Pilates

This is my vision becoming reality.

What do you EnVision?

Stay tuned as I address the Six Pilates Principles in my next blog posts.

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