Empower Pilates
Be energized Be healthy Be strong
Looking for a workout that strengthens your whole body, is tailored to your needs, and is taught by movement experts? 




With private and duet sessions we will be using the Pilates Reformer, Tower, and Chair. We will be working out our whole body while emphasizing pelvic floor and core control.


With these sessions we can tailor the exercises exactly to you and your level of fitness, whether that means…

– You have a sensitive back and are looking for a low impact exercise program

– You have graduated Physical Therapy after a hip or knee replacement and are looking for the next step to enhance your strength

– You are an avid triathlete looking for cross-training

– You are ready to move better, feel better, and have more energy throughout the day


Are you so busy caring for your family and loved ones that you struggle to prioritize yourself? If so, then we are so glad you are here! We love helping people feel confident and energized so they can feel like themselves gain.

At Empower, we know that every body is designed differently, so we value welcoming bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Check out some of the benefits below that you can gain from doing Pilates!

Pilates Benefits

Improved Posture

so you can work on the computer without that aching neck pain

More Strength

so you can hike mountains on the Blue Ridge without having to catch your breath so much

Stronger Core

so you can paddle board without falling into the lake

More Energy

so you can keep up with your kids/grandkids on the playground

Less Stress

so you can lay your head on the pillow and know in your heart you've done enough today

Deeper Breath

so you can get better sleep

About the Instructors

About Amberly

Amberly was introduced to mat Pilates when she was stationed in Kansas. At the time, she had experience in teaching yoga and barre but Pilates intrigued her. She later fell in love with Pilates on the equipment after moving to Texas and working as the general manager of a Pilates studio.

Having lifelong hypermobility issues, she found using the equipment felt right for her body. She finally felt centered and stabilized through an exercise program. In 2020, she started her comprehensive Pilates training with Balanced Body.
Amberly knew she wanted to take additional training surrounding the nervous system and movement due to her own experience with a neurological issue during her pregnancy, watching her mother experience a brain tumor, and research on the nervous system. As she was going through her comprehensive training, Amberly took additional courses in Pilates and yoga for neurological conditions, EDS (Ehlers Danlos syndrome), POTs (postural orthostatic tachycardia) and trauma support.
Amberly and her family arrived in Hendersonville September 2023. She looks forward to serving the community with her experience in Pilates.
Amberly Jayde

Pilates Instructor

Jennifer Tyra

Pilates Instructor

About Jen

At this time, Dr. Jen is not taking new Private/Duet Pilates clients.  However, she does regularly incorporate Pilates with her Physical Therapy clients.

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