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During my childhood, my family was always active and up for an adventure.  You could find us running and biking the cart paths in Peachtree City, hiking at a national park, or kayaking on a river.

One day in 2016, I was kayaking the Nantahala River when I suddenly dislocated my shoulder in a kayaking accident.

For some reason, my entire body seized up the next day.  My arms were tremoring, and I was walking on my tip-toes with my knees buckled and crossed. 

After high does steroids and one emergency surgery later,  my body was ready to recover.

It took a month before I could walk normally, and longer before I could enjoy the outdoors again.

Several months later, I still struggled to return to running. I had tried all of the traditional physical therapy methods for rehabilitation, but it just wasn’t working.  


Finally, I discovered the Pilates reformer; it provided my body with exactly what it was missing.  After learning how to properly stabilize my core and hips, I was able to run again!

Unfortunately, I still had a deep chronic pelvic pain that wouldn’t go away. My emotions fluctuated all over the place. I felt frustrated, lonely, detached, and angry.

I didn’t want to admit that I was a physical therapist who needed help with such a sensitive issue. But after two years of pain, it was time to seek help.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I initially went to a therapist who happened to have a rigid approach to pelvic floor therapy. 

Once I started following the rigid instructions from the pelvic PT, I found myself constantly running to the bathroom in fear that I would pee my pants.

These new symptoms resulted in more advice and strict interventions. But the more I tried to follow her instructions, the more my anxiety amplified, and the worse my symptoms became. 

I learned how embarrassing it can feel to pee a little when sneezing. I became afraid of long hikes, and you could just forget it if a waterfall was involved.  

Eventually, enough was enough and I stopped seeing that therapist. I found someone who was a better fit for me, and completed the coursework to become a pelvic floor physical therapist myself. I am SO GLAD to share that I can now go on long hikes and sit by waterfalls without any issues! 


So if you’ve been struggling with pain or leaking and feel like you’ve tried everything, I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve been SO frustrated doing all the things, while also knowing that there just had to be something more.

And the truth is, there IS a better way.  You deserve better. And I can help.

Here at Empower Physical Therapy, we do things differently. We take a holistic approach to address your whole body. We help you become strong and resilient so you can continue working out, running races, and exploring the outdoors without leaking or fear of reinjury.

I started Empower PT because I wanted to create an environment for women to take up space and connect to their true selves. An environment that encourages adventure and exploration. An environment where you can live an empowered and energized life.

About Dr. Jen

Jen graduated with a BS in Biology and Global Health from Mercer University in Macon, GA. She then went on to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Georgia State University.

Jen completed her Pilates Mat, Reformer, and Tower training from PHI in Pittsburgh, PA. She incorporates Pilates with her physical therapy sessions. She identifies as a life-long learner and loves deepening her Physical Therapy knowledge with different continuing education courses.


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